The Annual NHARC Raffle

Icom IC-705

The North Hills Amatuer Radio Club is fundraising with the raffle of an Icom IC-705 HF, 6M, 2M, and 70cm with 10 watts output (5 watts on battery) radio. This radio has received incredible reviews making this an ideal prize.

The tickets are $10.00 each. While this amount is greater than a normal hamfest prize ticket, the good news is there is a limited printing run of only 300 tickets instead of thousands. The odds of winning are so much better than similar raffles. Tickets are avaialble now so buy early and buy often!

Tickets will be available at all Club meetings and special events. We hope to have the tickets available for sale at hamfests in the area.

One condition of the raffle is the drawing will be held at a Club meeting after the last ticket is sold OR at the 2022 Holiday Party or if we are still virtual, the second Wednesday of December regardless of the number of tickets sold. The winner does not need to attend the drawing.

If you would prefer mailing your purchase request, send your check and the number of tickets you wish to purchase to:
   North Hills Amateur Radio Club
   Attn: Icom IC-705
   PO Box 15333
   Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Make your check out to the North Hills Amateur Radio Club. A scan of the tickets will be e-mailed to you. Should we have a gathering, you can pick up the paper stubs.

Thank you!

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