The NHARC Meetings

  • The Business Meeting is the second Wednesday of each month.
  • The General or Activities Meeting is held on the forth Wednesday of each month except November and December.
The location of our meetings:
   La Roche College
   Zappala Building Entrance
   Room PSC 124
   9000 Babcock Blvd.
   Town of McCandless, PA 15237
Meetings are held in room PSC 124. There are three driveways that connect the campus to Babcock. If the college is on your left, the first driveway you see is one-way, but the wrong way. I suggest driving past the next driveway with a traffic light and turn left into the last driveway. If you are coming the other way (college on the right), take the first driveway. Take the driveway to the first right turn. Drive past the Library Building and park in the next parking lot.

When you enter the parking lot, you will notice the Zappala Building on your right.

Club meetings start at 7:00 PM. For more information regarding the new meeting location, please check out La Roche's website. The URL for the college is

Club Raffle

The second annual Club raffle for an Icom IC-7300 is happening now! A limited number of tickets are available. For more information, check out the 2018 Raffle Information Page.

Amateur Radio License Classes

The Club will be offering classes to help anyone interested in becoming an amateur radio operator. The classes are free. Students may use an online study guide or purchase a book. We will be using the Gordon West instruction guide. Classes will be Monday evening from 6 PM to 9PM beginning September 24th until November 12. VE tests will be given on November 12 for anyone wanting to take the test.

For a copy of the brochure, click here for a PDF of it.

The location is:
Red Cross Building
2801 Liberty Ave. (Strip District)
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Please send e-mail to so we know who will be attending.

If you are under 18, you will need to be accompiled by a parent or guardian.

VE Tests

The monthly VE testing is a joint project between the North Hills Amateur Radio Club and the Breese Shooters Amateur Radio Club. Testing sessions are held on the second Saturday of the month except December. For more information, click on this link:" VE Tests

2018 ARRL Field Day

For the 2018 Field Day Photos click here.

2018 Millvale Music Festival

For information and photos on our display, click here: Millvale Music Festival

Club Breakfast

There is an informal gathering on the second Saturday of every month for breakfast. The gathering starts at 8:30 AM and is held at the I-Hop in the Lowe's section of McCandless Crossing located on McKnight Road. You can also access this shopping area from Duncan Avenue or from Cumberland Road as both have access ramps into the shopping area and cross McKnight.

2017 ARRL Field Day

For the 2017 Field Day Photos click here.

2017 Club Picnic

For the 2017 Picnic Photos click here.


Upcoming Club Events/Activities:

  • January 10 - Business Meeting
  • January 13 - VE Tests
  • January 24 - Activities Meeting
  • February 10 - VE Tests
  • February 14 - Business Meeting
  • February 28 - Activities Meeting
  • March 10 - VE Tests
  • March 14 - Business Meeting
  • March 28 - Activities Meeting
  • April 11 - Business Meeting
  • April 14 - VE Tests
  • April 25 - Activities Meeting
  • May 9 - Business Meeting
  • May 12 - VE Tests
  • May 23 - Activities Meeting
  • June 2 - VE Tests at Breezeshooters Hamfest
  • June 13 - Business Meeting
  • June 23-24 - ARRL Field Day
  • June 27 - Activities Meeting
  • July 10 - Business Meeting
  • July 14 - VE Tests
  • July 25 - Activities Meeting
  • August 8 - Business Meeting
  • August 11 - VE Tests
  • August 22 - Activities Meeting
  • September 8 - VE Tests
  • September 12 - Business Meeting
  • September 16 - Club Picnic
  • September 26 - Activities Meeting
  • October 10 - Business Meeting
  • October 13 - VE Tests
  • October 24 - Activities Meeting
  • November 10 - VE Tests
  • November 14 - Business Meeting
  • December 12 - Business Meeting

W3EXW Repeaters (details):

  • 147.090
  • 146.820 D-Star
  • 146.880
  • 443.550
  • 444.350 D-Star
  • 444.400
  • 224.100

W3PGH Repeaters

  • 146.610
  • 444.950

Contact Us:

North Hills ARC
P.O. Box 15333 Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Club e-mail:

Webmaster: (



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